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Baloo’s Picnic at the Zoo!

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On 19th of March, thousands of cubs gathered to celebrate 100 years of Cub Scouting with a picnic and games at the Melbourne Zoo. Hosted by Carl Gustave, king of Sweden, the picnic brought together cubs from all around Victoria to participate in a range of activities before a visit to the zoo.


5th Brunswick cubs teamed up with a group from Drouin to run through a series of fun activities.


King Carl Gustave of Sweden was Honorary Chairman of the World Scout Foundation at the picnic.


Special royal edition badges were awarded for Investiture and Bring a Friend at the picnic.


After the picnic, the cubs were free to mix it with the wildlife at the zoo.



Scarfing Up Sheryl

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Today at Brunswick South Primary School members of 5th Brunswick Scout Group addressed the school assembly.  Youth members explained to the school what Joeys, Cubs and Scouts are all about and why they love being a part of the Scouting movement.

Group ambassador Abbie presented school prinicipal Sheryl Hall with a Victorian State Scarf as a way of saying thank you on behalf of 5th Brunswick Scout Group for great and inspiring leadership in our community. Sheryl is pleased to have so many students involved in such a wonderful program.


On the Scarf you find images uniquely Victorian & Scouting – the Southern Cross, the Scout Logo (Fleur de Lis), icons of Victoria like the tram, our State Emblems – the Pink Heath, the Helmeted Honey Eater, the Leadbeater’s Possum, the Weedy Seadragon, hiking, sailing, abseiling & the Scout Salute symbols. This scarf also includes a word map of all the Scouting Districts & Regions of Victoria. The scarf is designed to only be presented to special individuals and groups.

Victorian State Scarf

Many 5th Brunswick Scout Group members attend Brunswick South Primary School. Group leaders Matt Dunstan-Potter, Jon Gordon and Fiona Madigan were also present for this occasion at assembly.



Founders’ Day 2015

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Founders’ Day was marked with a great adventure in Melbourne CBD – Big Day Scout!

Starting the day running from Federation Square on a city Wide Game with a Street Art twist, the whole group were following clues and finding checkpoints before regrouping at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl for a spectacular show to invest our new Chief Scout of Victoria!

We found a monochrome campsite in the mall.


Street Art

Meeting up at Federation Square before breaking into teams.


Street sculpture


ARAP 2015

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ARAP: Annual Reports And Presentation evening. The annual meeting of 5th Brunswick Group was an exciting and entertaining night for youth members and families.


Leaders show to unfurl the flag.





Matt and Abbie present Meghan Hopper, mayor of Moreland with a scarf.



After the formalities, the group were rapt by raptors.


Group Awards

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At the recent district ARAP, 5th Brunswick group received the the following awards:
– Chief Commissioners Award for 31.25% growth
– Quality Scouting Award for 83% retention (as a measure of quality of our


We had the largest growth and only group in the District to get the Quality Scouting award this year. Well done!!


Queen’s Scout – Lloyd Connolly

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On 14th of July 2015, 5th Brunswick hosted a presentation for Lloyd Connolly, one of our Venturers who has achieved the highest youth award possible for an Australian Scout – The Queen’s Scout badge. This rare honour for the whole group was celebrated with the extended Moreland and Victorian scouting communities, family and friends.

Lloyd started as a Joey at 5th Brunswick, then progressed through Cubs and Scouts to become a Venturer. Both his Joey and Cub leaders joined in the presentation. His story of achievement is inspirational to the many younger group members who joined him to celebrate.

The Queen’s Scout Award has an outstanding status within Scouting and the Community. Consequently, the activities and the requirements are designed to be inspiring and challenging. In addition to the 13 Venturer award activities, a Queen’s Scout must also complete leadership development, outdoors activities personal growth and community involvement.

IMG_1036Lloyd and his fellow Moreland Venturer presenters took us on an entertaining retelling of his journey of achievement, through over 300 hours of volunteer work. Lloyd took part in activities that helped others achieve their scouting goals including a four day canoeing expedition along the Glenelg river, a bike hike along the Victorian Rail Trail and an overnight snow camp. He also sailed the Whitsundays for 10 days on the Young Endeavour.

Lloyd also continued his association with 5th Brunswick through his work as a Youth Helper with Cubs. He was involved in extra curricular activities at school including the school council, school magazine, a radio show and the school production. He was also able to pursue his passion for vexillology, the study of flags.


Lloyd shows off his Queen’s Scout badge to Kelvin Thompson, federal member for Wills and Meghan Hopper, mayor of Moreland.

We wish Lloyd all the best with the award ceremony at Government house in September.


An extended scouting community enjoys the evening’s celebration.

New Cub Leaders – 25 June 2015

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We have recently seen the investiture of two new Cub leaders. Matt Allen and Fiona Madigan have joined Lois and Melanie in leading activities for our 8-10 year old Cub Scouts. They have 12 months to complete basic core training and sectional techniques training, all under supervision of a personal learning advisor.

Matt Allen

Matt Allen – Keneu


Why have you decided to become a leader? Originally I became a Scout leader as my eldest son, Fraser, wanted to join to hang out with his mates. After a short stint in Scouts, I was asked to consider Cubs as my younger son, Lincoln, wanted to join and they were in need of some more leaders, specifically their first male leader.

What has been your involvement with the scouting movement to date? Scouts is all new to our family, I was part of Boy’s Brigade growing up but am really happy to be involved further now, and the boys love it too.

What is your leader name and why did you choose it? My leader name is Keneu, Great War Eagle. I thought it sounded cool!

Anything else that you care to share? The two parts of Scouts and Cubs I love are the leadership aspect, and the fact that our troop gets out of the city and into the bush quite often, something I think that a lot of kids could benefit from.




Fiona Madigan – Bagheera



Why have you decided to become a leader? I have always enjoyed getting outdoors and doing things with my hands. When my daughter Roisin got involved with 5th Brunswick I was hooked! I’m also learning a lot about survival in Australia and really enjoying meeting people in my community.

What has been your involvement with the scouting movement to date? I have been a registered parent helper with cubs for 18 months or so, helping out with working bees, program nights, day trips, hikes and camps.

What is your leader name and why did you choose it? Bagheera chose me. The cubs insisted I took that name. I only hope I am doing the name proud.

Anything else that you care to share? Go the mighty 5th!!!!




cubleaders inv

Fiona and Matt join with other group leaders at their investiture.


We thank Matt and Fiona for taking up the challenge and commitment of this role and hope that they find it rewarding.


Helmeted Honeyeater habitat planting at Yellingbo

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Today 5th Brunswick Cubs & Joey Scouts visited the habitat of Victoria’s bird emblem, the Helmeted Honeyeater. They took part in a revegetation program  planting a full suite of plants to restore a Manna Gum forest community essential for Helmeted Honeyeater populations.  Yellingbo State Nature Conservation Reserve is managed by the Friends of the Helmeted Honeyeater and we thank them for hosting us.


James our host, Joey & Sub Scouts and their families, and the spectacular “pot snake” of 400 pots

They  managed to get 650 habitat plants in the ground in under an hour! Speedplanting recordholders for Yellingbo!

This planting was made possible through the support of the Judith Eardley Save Wildlife Association & PPWCMA Yarra Wildlife Grant.

IMG_6574   IMG_6562  IMG_6577

Planting is all about technique    |   Great teamwork made planting easy   |   We look forward to returning to “our plot”

Adventurer Hike Report

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To earn the Adventurer Cord, a scout must complete the Adventurer badge, two Proficiency badges and a Patrol Activity badge.

Benjamin has written an informative report to share his experiences, hiking and camping through the Brisbane Ranges National Park as part of this award. Read More