To earn the Adventurer Cord, a scout must complete the Adventurer badge, two Proficiency badges and a Patrol Activity badge.

Benjamin has written an informative report to share his experiences, hiking and camping through the Brisbane Ranges National Park as part of this award.


Adventurer Hike РBrisbane Ranges by Benjamin

 On the 20-22 of September 2013 James, Hugh and I completed a 32km hike for our Adventurer Cord. We hiked from Little River all the way to Stieglitz in the Brisbane Ranges. We camped over night at Boar Gulley and Old Mill whilst on the Hike. We had to carry everything that we needed, apart from water all the way.

On Friday night, we were driven from 5th Northcote Scout hall to Boar Gulley. On the way, we stopped at McDonalds to have a snack. Once we got Boar Gulley, we unpacked and set up a campsite for the night.

On Saturday, we woke up early so we could pack up and leave as soon as possible. We got transported to Little River to start walking. We crisscrossed Little River for a while before going up the steep, rocky Griffin’s Hill. We then walked up and down little hills all the way to Stony Creek where we had lunch. After lunch we had a little walk to the dam. We then walked quickly the last 10km to Old Mill as a storm front was closing in. Once we arrived at Old Mill, we set up camp and started eating dinner. So far the front had passed us without letting precipitation fall which was a relief. We went to bed at 7.30pm as it was dark, we had nothing to do, and we needed to rest for the remainder of the hike the next day.

On Sunday, we woke up to the tent being wet. It had rained a considerable amount overnight. We packed up at a slow rate as we had plenty of time to walk the rest of the way to Graham’s Creek then Stieglitz. On the way to Graham’s Creek, we stopped about every 15 minutes, for about 10 minutes, so it was slow going as we were so tired. Once we had lunch at Grahams Creek, we followed the edge of the national park overlooking a huge plain green hill. We then joined on with the highway all the way to Stieglitz.

We all had fun and are now relieved that it is over.























Adventurer Hike Report